Marine Survey


ROB Bunker Survey

An independent ROB Bunker Survey provides the condition of bunkers on board, on the delivery or redelivery of the chartering, on sale or buy of a vessel, preventing disputes on quality and shortages, supported on detailed reports.

BQS Bunker Quantity Survey

During bunkering we will perform “BQS Bunker Quantity Survey” for the control of delivery, assure the sampling and measurement of the bunker tanker or trucks and receiving vessel, before and after delivery, ascertaining and certifying bunker delivery and report shortages.

BDS Bunker Detective Surveys

“BDS Bunker Detective Surveys” will search for hidden bunker fuel onboard and investigate the possible cause of the frauds, which mostly are due to short bunker delivery with connivance between the parties, the use of fake densities or adulterated fuel gauges, but also due to the use of ‘magic pipes’ or altered sounding pipe lengths, hidden compartments or non-class certified altered sounding tables. We always use own certified ATEX sounding thermometers and tapes and may sample bunkers for density check. We will issue detailed bunker survey reports to confirm fuel delivery and report any bunker fuel shortages found.

Full Condition Survey / Condition Survey

Full Condition Survey includes the ascertaining of the Bunkers’ quantity in addition to the condition of the vessel, so called “Condition Survey”, focused on commercial spaces, such as the loading gear, holds, hatches and deck at the time of contractually agreed. We inspect inside holds and tanks, checking from ladders to bilges and piping, we make all the efforts because we are committed to report all details of the condition of the vessel. When requested we may verify the condition of accommodations or other compartments. We are able to design Taylor made condition survey services according to your needs.


We will conduct Hull & Machinery Condition Survey to merchant marine vessels, inland water vessels and fishing vessels, as per Insurer or Club's Survey Forms, to determine whether entered ships conform to acceptable standards and identify uninsurable risks previous to coverage acceptance or hiring.