Technical Inspections



We offer a wide range of technical inspections services adapting the process to the requirements of each client and each particular service. Our certificates and reports assures to all parties the compliance of the products, assets and processes with the standards, regulations and contracts in force.

  • VOC Verification of Conformity
Increase safety by insuring compliance with International Standards and Local Legislation, protecting market from default goods and unfair competition.
  • PSI Pre Shipment Inspection

Inspecting goods prior to shipment will ensure they comply the quality standards and quantity required by the buyer and importing country.

  • Testing on place (mechanical run test, electrical performance test, functional test, etc.); Dimensional checks and Compliance with project drawings and standard specifications and industry practices; Visual inspection, checking condition, defetcs and workmanship; Verification of documentation; Inspection of package and shipping marks;

Quantity Inspections to Bulk Piles

Quantifying the mass of the solid bulk pile by determining the volume with 3D scanning survey and studding the compressed mass by using finite element software and barity tests.

Aplicable to seeds, powder or pellets in bulk, among others, stored in piles, horizontal silos and warehouses.