Oil & Gas


Supervision Services to Bulk Liquid Cargoes

Supervision services to bulk Liquid cargoes certifies Quantity and Quality during transport, handling and storage reducing risk on trading of high value goods such as:

  • Vegetable Oils; Molasses;
  • Biofuels, Biodiesel/ FAME, ethanol, etc.,
  • Petroleum products ( gasoline, fuel oil, etc.),
  • Chemicals products, Etc.


Liquid bulk cargo Inspection services could be adapted to your needs:

  • Tanks Gauging or Ullaging, Inspecting shore tanks and vessel’s tanks prior and/or after loading or discharge.
  • Inspection and Certification of Tank Cleanliness / Tank Wall Washing and ROB inspection.

  • Inspection of shore lines, vessel's manifolds and lines, bilges and pumps.
  • Sampling prior and/or after loading or discharge of Shore tanks and vessel’s tanks, Sample forwarding to Independent Laboratory for Testing and analysing Quality.
  • Bulk inventory and transfer inspection.
  • Investigation of Cargo losses.

  • Superintendence and continuous attendance during operations.

The processes to Superintendence of Liquid Bulk on tankers, barges, shore storage tanks, tank trucks and containers follows the FOSFA Code of practice to vegetable oils or the industry standards (ISO, ASTM, IP) and international conventions (IMO, UN, ECE, EU) to petrochemicals and chemicals.

Supervision Services to Bulk Gas Cargoes

From the Port of Sines, we supervise the loading and unloading of LNG and LPG ships of the following gases:

• Natural gas (LNG);

• Butane; Butylene; Propane; Propylene.