Inspections to Consumer Goods


IPI / PPI-Initial / Pre-Production Inspection

Before production starts we will inspect and / or test the raw materials and components to ensure requirements are met, avoiding additional costs, wasting time and unpleasant surprises during the production of your order.

DUPRO - During Production Inspection

When the production achieves 40% for the target of finished goods we will inspect the finished products (or in process if required) to ensure product specifications, materials, functions, measurements, size, colours and appearance will meet your order, and that packaging, instructions, labelling and markings will comply with mandatory required, minimizing the risk of defects allowing timely corrections avoiding delays on the delivery.

FRI - Final Random  Inspection

The Final Inspection ( also called Pre Shipment Inspection) will be carried out when production is finished and at least with 80% packaged to guarantee the finished products complies with the order and are ready to be exported.