Bulk Cargo


The Commodity Inspection services apply to the Supply Chain with the issuing of reports and certification improves the standardization and warranty of Quantity, Quality & Condition during handling, shipping and stowage with benefits to parties.

We are GAFTA approved Superintendent. We are committed to excellence, providing high flexible solutions, focused on private and contractual requirements.



Weight Masters

Certification of Quantity of goods requires control of hopper scales with supervision of all nodal interfaces, complete weighing to each and all type of cargo units, from trucks to waggons or bags, or weight randomly if allowable, with comparison weights and tests to scales if demanded and according to reference contracts (including GAFTA, FOSFA among others), the Industry Standards (ISO, ASTM, IP) and mandatory international conventions (IMO, UN, ECE, EU). During operation, we will monitor the recovery of spillage and losses to ensure that all the goods will be quantified. When will not be possible to conduct a reliable weighing Draught-survey may be used to limit variability.


Quality Control and Certification of goods based on impartial Sampling and further assessment with testes and analysis in independent laboratories reduces the risk on trading, from agri business to consumer goods.

We provide sampling services as per international standards (ISO, AP and ASTM among others), contracts (GAFTA, FOSFA and others) or Customer’s specifications.

Sealing or Unsealing Certificate of Holds, Tanks, Silos and Warehouses

After loading, we may perform the sealing of hold hatches and manholes and issuing its Certificate of Sealing. At arrival, we will confirm the integrity of the seals to ensure the inviolability of holds and issue Unsealing Certificate.

Hold and Hatch Inspection – Hose Test

Certification of Cleanliness and Condition of Holds and Hatch covers is mandatory to prevent damage on goods during sea passage. Hose tests to hatches and Inspecting holds from its inside prior to loading, including bilges and external piping seen at naked eye, assures that cargo spaces are clean and in proper structural condition, therefore suitable for loading.

Cleanliness of Cargo Unit and Transport Certification

Certification of Cleanliness and Condition semi-trailer and other cargo spaces intended to receive the goods to prevent contaminations.

Gas Free Certification

Inspection, monitoring and gas free certification on board vessel’s holds for phosfine, CO, O2 and LEL. Our certificates and reports assures the compliance with the regulations in force, and safeguard safety on board.

Fumigation Assistance Services

Phosphine fumi-sleeves after use are toxic waste and can’t be thrown to sea or garbage, due to the risk of fire. We will collect on board and forwarding the fumisleves to the safe destruction.

Draught Surveys

The benefit of the draught survey is that once it depends exclusively from hydrostatics and cargo condition of the vessel, it will be independent from weighing or tally, therefore recommendable when there are concerns about shore figures or will not be possible to weigh the goods or perform a complete supervision.

Port Captain - Loading Master - Supercargo

Based from Lisbon, we provide Supercargoes/Port Captain/Loading Master services worldwide. Our cargo superintendents, experienced and qualified Master Mariners, will prevent claims and vessel’s liability, supervise of operations ( this not includes tally and control of weighing), stowage and lashing, managing berthing time and speeding operations.

Supercargoes / Port Captains when on board will be able to conduct Inspections to holds, Draught Surveys, Bunker / On-Hire / Off-Hire surveys / Full Condition Surveys.

We will report the statement of facts, stowage plan; lashing plan, hatch list with cargo plan per lots and hatch and operations’ rate efficiency.


Tallies on general, bagged or containerized cargo or dry bulk trough trucks or other transport units ensures the reliability of the shipping documentation, packing list, supplier’s documentation. Tally services also includes the checking of proper packaging and stowage, loading documents, shipping marks, expiry and manufacturing dates, batch numbers or barcode confirmation, with an updated photographic report.

Warehousing Supervision and Deliveries

The dynamic stock control services of bulk cargo, bagged or in other transport units, demands supervision of the warehousing, with tally and control of the weighing included, providing inflow and outflow control, stock and deliveries by request.

Stock Audit to Packed Goods

The static stock control or Quantity Audit to packaged goods is applicable to stockists, wholesalers and retailers when necessary to know the stock at any given time. Regardless the use of informatic systems in stock management, the human error or pilferage corrupts the actual stock amount. The audit in storage to packaged goods will be effected by means of witnessed tally. 

Terminals and Warehouses Vetting

Terminals and Warehouses Vetting services are used by shippers and receivers to decide by the most efficient and safe terminal and warehouse for assuring conformity with contracts and rules in force. We will audit the critical aspects with focus on the safety of cargo, the accuracy of the weighing means, the capacity and safety of storage, potential risks of thievery, spilling and losses. We will also analyse the handling facilities and its capacity, expectable handling rhythms, intermodal supply and access to terminal.

Temperature and Moisture Control

The long term storage of seeds and grains in bulk rises the risk of gases releasing  and spontaneous combustion. Periodically, we will monitor the temperature and humidity of the bulk and report if deterioration may occur.