Audits to Suppliers


Factory Commercial and Production Audits

A commercial audit will assess the Vendor's factories and its organization, from the facilities up to management, its in-house production capacity (and the outsourced when applied) detailing the processes and technologies, the quality control procedures implemented from the incoming raw materials up to the packaging and how non-conforming products are handled, the training and experience of the labour and the ethical status, assuring the factory has the capacity to produce your order, with the Quality levels required and in the contracted timeframe.

Social Audits

A social audit will appraise if supplier complies with the legislation in force and Health & Safety International Standards. We will assess the labour’s rights and benefits implemented, the disciplinary practices in use, if child labour or slave/forced work is being used during production, if harassment, discrimination and other abuses are practiced and if factory complies with the safety and environmental standards to ensure that your brand will not be associated with any unethical suppliers that may harm your reputation.

Metal Free Audits

We will assess if factory complies with Metal Control Policy on production and packaging areas with the purpose to fully eliminate the risk of metal contamination and assuring customers’ safety accordingly with EU legislation, verifying the efficacy of metal free areas, the metal’s control training program and procedures implementation for metal detectors' working practices, control of sharp tools, metal components and broken needles.